Portraits of the protectors of Yellowstone

A collection of rangers, scientists and artists pose in a landscape they love.

  • Beth Kreuzer, a backcountry ranger, wildlife advocate and citizen scientist, with a bison skull that is used in ranger presentations.

    Steve Horan
  • Charles R. Preston , a wildlife biologist and museum curator, and a non-releasable educational rescue golden eagle, Kateri, in Cody, Wyoming.

    Steve Horan
  • John King, a dendrochronologist and ecologist, blends in with tree branches on a 1,000-year-old juniper in Yellowstone National Park.

    Steve Horan
  • Larry Christensen, a National Park Service volunteer, Vietnam War veteran and former law enforcement officer, on Fountain Flats, Yellowstone National Park.

    Steve Horan
  • Linda Thurston, a Yellowstone wolf tracker and biologist, curls up in an abandoned wolf den in Yellowstone National Park.

    Steve Horan
  • The book cover features Stacy Gerths, a wrangler and trail rider, in a horse corral where wranglers prepare fifty to sixty horses a day for trail rides in Yellowstone National Park.

    Steve Horan


A backcountry ranger stands behind a downed log, one hand resting on the wooden handle of a saw. Her thick braid is slung forward over her shoulder, obscuring the badge on her National Park Service uniform. The image is one of 87 contemporary black-and-white photographs by Steve Horan collected in People of Yellowstone, which portrays some of the many women and men who have lived and worked in the iconic national park in recent years.

A profile by Ruth W. Crocker accompanies each portrait. The subjects, who include rangers, scientists, artists and others, have studied the wolves and fish of Yellowstone, gazed at its geysers, shoveled snow off the rooftops of its buildings, and wrangled horses for trail rides. But above all, they have shared their love of the park’s natural landscape with its many visitors. As one backcountry ranger in says, “People have no idea how wild Yellowstone
really is.”

People of Yellowstone
Ruth W. Crocker.
188 pages, hardcover: $29.95. Elm Grove Press, 2017.