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Expletive (not) deleted


I read Brian Calvert’s “Down the Dark Mountain” essay in the July 24 issue. He is entitled to his opinion; however, his language needs cleaning up!

I have been very unhappy with the liberal bias that this publication has developed over the last few years, but seeing the F-word used sealed it for me: You have now become too liberal for me. While I am no stranger to gutter talk, I would prefer to hear it on the street and not in the publication I am reading. The lower classes, with a limited vocabulary, are usually the culprits with such language, or I would expect to see it in fiction writing, but not in an essay in a publication that should know better.

The other problem was Brian’s use of the words “Michael Brown’s murder.” The actions of the police officer were found to be within standard police protocols and black people from the neighborhood supported the policeman’s version. The jury and the federal investigation failed to uphold murder charges. Brian’s belief that Michael Brown was murdered, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, is just one example of how liberals change around facts so they match their beliefs.

All I want for my money is some standard of excellence and the lack of bias when reporting. This is what this publication used to provide. I miss the old HCN! Even the newspaper format. 

Penelope M. Blair
Fruita, Colorado