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Fossil-fuel-free future


Thank you for Jonathan Thompson’s article on “The Bid for the Big Grid,” as well as Elizabeth Shogren’s on the Nevada power situation (HCN, 8/21/17). For the first time, perhaps, I am reading on the “how to” of switching to renewables instead of endless sorrow at what the United States seemed incapable of doing — a vision of moving forward without fossil fuels. I hope this gives others an inkling of vision as well, so that some of the despair around climate change, even for those who do not understand it much, dissipates. Like the brothers Nunn in Thompson’s article, perhaps a whole new generation of “pinheads” will gain excitement, get the wheels turning, and keep on trucking to something sustainable. The Nevada article delightfully made it clear that many of these new pinheads are women.

Kate Niles
Durango, Colorado