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Into the dark miasma


As a former HCN board member and former journalist, I write to express my disappointment and frustration with the lead article “Down the Dark Mountain” (HCN, 7/24/17) which was headlined on your front page as a guide to the ongoing ecocide of the planet.

This article trivializes the coming disaster. For nine pages it wanders through a tale of irrelevant woe, including family incest, assorted adventures of a foreign war correspondent, and what appears to be a modern-day search in Spain for Don Quixote in the form of Robinson Jeffers.

Does the board and staff of HCN really believe this tale of miasma is relevant for our future efforts to deal with ecocide? I think your editor-in-chief needs an editor — and maybe an editorial board — that can separate journalism from self-indulgent meditation.

Mike Clark
Bozeman, Montana