Jeffers far from forgotten


Brian Calvert’s piece “Down the Dark Mountain” (HCN, 7/24/17) was good, beautifully written, but … Robinson Jeffers a “forgotten” poet? While I’m glad Jeffers’ work and life have been brought to the attention of HCN readers, as one of those readers myself I have to tell you I’m a little peeved. You would have a hard time convincing any self-respecting, well-read intellectual in the entire central portion of the California coast (which I believe is part of the West) that Jeffers is forgotten. Jeffers should not be, and never has been, assigned to the ash heap of literature. His work is not just revered, respected and read to this day but is still included in most college and university poetry courses. To say that “his work has lost favor with academic critics and faded from public view” is almost insulting and would be to many.

Ron Pease
Aztec, New Mexico

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