Jeffers and Brower


Thank you, Brian Calvert, for sharing your deep dive into the spirit (“Down the Dark Mountain,” HCN, 7/24/17) and writing personally of a journey so many of us are making. As you discovered, poet Robinson Jeffers preceded us on that journey, and his works deserve a new generation of readers. He deeply inspired “archdruid” David Brower, who edited the spectacular book Not Man Apart: Photographs of the Big Sur Coast (Sierra Club Books, 1965) featuring Jeffers’ poems. After many years running the Sierra Club, Brower went on to found Friends of the Earth, which used the phrase “not man apart” from Jeffers’ poem “The Answer” as the title of its newsletter to members.

Thank you, too, for revealing so much of yourself through this essay. HCN readers are fortunate indeed to be offered this kind of insight into the psychic landscape of the editor-in-chief.

Ted Wolf
Portland, Oregon

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