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No empathy


In the story “Death Threats” (HCN, 7/24/17), Jessica Lefevre, an attorney for the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission, says, “The NGOs we deal with are ideologically driven; this is what they do, they save stuff. The collateral damage to communities doesn’t factor into their thinking.”

The same could be said for dozens of hard-line animal rights and environmental outfits across our country. Real, effective conservation includes hunting as a wildlife management tool as well as a cultural and subsistence tradition, hinges on science-based wildlife management, and — most importantly — works collaboratively with locals to advance healthy wildlife and wild places alongside thriving, healthy communities. Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson, their followers and similar uncompromising groups should be ashamed of themselves. Their approach is neither empathetic nor effective.

Chase Gunnell
Seattle, Washington