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Shades of what’s to come?


I thoroughly appreciated, although was equally saddened by,  “How the Park Service is Failing Women” (HCN, 12/12/16). It does not surprise me that women — and most likely people of color, of Hispanic or Muslim backgrounds, and others who are not white males — are treated in this manner throughout multiple government organizations and business as a whole.

The worst part of all of this is that with the incoming occupant of the White House — the one with Neanderthal leanings and cronies with the same mentality — we can only expect more of this type of treatment for far too many people.

Get ready, America. There will be an extensive amount of work to be done — beginning now — to avoid a reversal of the decades of toil by many to create equal opportunities for everyone in what has always been a great nation.

Don Hagedorn
Columbia, South Carolina