Dam project called a "bungle' and a "porker'

  A committee of the Catholic Diocese of Pueblo, Colo., surprised everyone, including Pueblo Bishop Arthur Tafoya, by blasting the proposed Animas-La Plata water project as an "environmental, economic and social bungle."

The Human Development Commission of the diocese also asked, "Who is responsible for the continuing agitation to support a project so badly conceived? We wonder who the beneficiaries are. We can surmise their identity from those who lobby heavily to keep the project going."

A main supporter of the project, Durango attorney Sam Maynes, told the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, "That thing is full of nothing but Sierra Club propaganda and outright distortions of fact. Now they want to say they've got God on their side." Bishop Tafoya, caught between his commission and outraged project supporters, is not sure whose side he is on. "He told the Sentinel, "I'm not ready to make a statement for or against."

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., Representative Thomas Petri, R-Wis., gave his "porker of the week" award to those who back the "behemoth, wasteful and environmentally unsound" project.

* Ed Marston

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