Tainted values


National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis and his book about American values are forever tainted as he knowingly bypassed the National Park Service rules, a huge ethical error (“National Park Service centennial shares limelight with scandals,” HCN, 5/2/16). The Inspector General’s report documents how he also tried to mislead investigators regarding how he negotiated the book deal with the concessionaire publisher and tried to cover his tracks so he would not get caught. Why would he not abide by the same set of rules his employees are required to follow? It’s very ironic that Jarvis chose to “cheat” to write his book on “American values.” 

An honorable man with a sense of values and ethics would admit his error, but Jarvis openly says he would do it again. The ends do not justify the means, no matter how noble the cause. Requiring the director of the Park Service to attend monthly ethics training is absurd and a waste of our resources. He knew the ethics policy and chose to break the rules.

He claims he is not making any money and is donating all the proceeds, but yet he personally retains all the copyright interests in the book. Why not give up the copyright if his intentions were to donate the proceedings to a charitable organization? After reading the Inspector General’s report, I have more concerns and questions on all of this than the report answers.

Marcia Ewell
Ophir, Colorado

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