Hopes for land buy-back


My name is Ed “Cowboy” After Buffalo Jr. As I read the story “A Land Divided” (HCN, 4/4/16), I am getting ready to attend the kick-off event for the Blackfeet tribal land buyback program on April 8, hoping to get good feedback on the program, which in turn will help me make an informed decision on selling vs. keeping what interests I have inherited from my father, Ed Sr. It would have surely been nice to individually acquire more interest in the allotment with 131 owners through the buyback program, but maybe, just maybe, the tribe will work with me, and I will be able to trade a smaller interest I own elsewhere on the reservation. That would make things a lot more simple for the ones next in line to inherit the property. We are one of the few families on the reservation still living on the original allotments given out between 1907-1911, and we want it to stay that way as long as possible.

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