Worlds apart


Hal Herring writes thoughtfully and deeply about a misled and misdirected tragedy of ignorance (“Making Sense of Malheur”). His frustration at the lack of discussions of substance is what so many of us experience when trying to have a meaningful give-and-take dialogue with people who care not about any history other than that they’ve constructed in their own mind, and who then create their world under a banner of what they think they hate.

And he expresses the fears that those of us who love the land, have spent years outdoors on the priceless treasures of our public lands, and know would be the outcome of that sell-off. Land barons from the earliest times of Manifest Destiny have exhausted it for what they want, and then left it behind, torn, wrecked, dredged, eaten down to the dirt.

I look forward to reading more of Herring’s writing in the future, as he joins Jon Krakauer and others among my favored authors writing about the real issues and people of the West.

Astrid Olafsen
Tempe, Arizona

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