No need for new parks


I lived in the Los Alamos area for over 26 years, and I am very dismayed and saddened to see what has become of the beloved Valle Grande (“A park ‘in the raw’,HCN, 3/7/16), now Valles Caldera National Preserve. It was always so special to know that there was at least one place where tourists could not go. My former husband and I ran our sled dogs up in the Jemez Mountains for years. Then, in the middle ’80s, Fenton Hill became crowded with cross-country skiers from Albuquerque, and the day a creep hit one of my dogs with a ski pole, we started driving farther and discovered U.S. Hill south of Taos, where the native Hispanos treated us much better. Turning over this beautiful area to the National Park Service makes no sense. The Park Service is always short of funding, and our park system is in shambles. Congress needs to provide a lot more funding, and the Park Service needs to catch up on maintenance of the established parks before it goes making new ones. It breaks my heart to know that there will be people in the once-unspoiled backcountry of the Valle Grande. 

Penelope M. Blair
Moab, Utah

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