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The beautiful wilds of national parks

Review of “The National Parks: An American Legacy,” by Ian Shive.


“When I think about large landscape conservation, I think about connectivity — of the land, yes, but also the air, the water, the wildlife, the migratory patterns and corridors — and how all these things know no park boundaries,” writes National Parks Conservation Association president W. Clark Bunting in The National Parks: An American Legacy. This coffee-table book celebrates the Park Service’s centennial with over 300 never-before-seen photos shot in vivid color by Ian Shive, accompanied by essays from conservation groups, including the Yellowstone Park Foundation and Friends of the Smokies. Shive, winner of the 2011 Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, travels from New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument to Montana’s Glacier National Park, capturing intricate geologic and botanical details as well as vast landscapes populated by an astonishing variety of wildlife. His images illuminate our deep connection to the American landscape, together with its extraordinary history.

The National Parks: An American Legacy
Photographs by Ian Shive, introduction by
W. Clark Bunting
240 pages, hardcover: $50
Earth Aware Editions, 2015