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Interns take up crampons on icy sidewalks


It’s been an icy month so far, but not so frigid as to stop the presses or freeze the computers. We’ve been forging ahead, hard at work on our annual Travel Issue as well as on other timely Western stories. The chill just makes our masochistic staff work harder, so everyone is pitching in to plan features and campaigns for later in the year, too.

For a while there, Paonia, Colorado’s icy sidewalks refused to thaw, forcing our editorial interns to strap on crampons for their daily pedestrian commute. It’s working quite well, apparently: No reports of broken bones or frostbite, and inside the warm office, everyone is still happily typing away with all 10 digits. No one has been reduced to eating their boots yet, though we are stockpiling recipes, just in case.

The High Country News internship program, which began in the 1980s, has brought us lot of talent, no matter the season. And we try to stay in touch with alumni, or, better yet, keep exploiting their talents. Our own longtime contributing editor Michelle Nijhuis, who began here as an intern in 1998, has published a new e-book, available online. The Science Writers’ Essay Handbook is designed to help writers develop ideas, report and write compelling first-person essays. Congratulations, Michelle. We’ve already ordered copies for the office. HCN has also published our own first-ever e-book: Sagebrush Rebellion: Evolution of a Movement, available on Amazon.

Longtime reader and Oregon native Dave Dalgliesh stopped by recently. Dave, who was keenly interested in our photography department and magazine layout, has traveled the West hunting and taking nature photographs. He worked as a moose-hunting guide in Alaska before he came to Paonia in August to camp and hunt. He hasn’t yet found a good enough reason to leave. Thanks for sticking around, Dave.

 Lastly, a correction: In our story about a plan for a copper mine in Arizona (“How a huge Arizona mining deal was passed — and could be revoked,” 2/2/16), we incorrectly identified the name of the Vermont Law School. We regret the error.