Greed trumps cooperation


The Dec. 7 feature “Good Neighbors” was an interesting article, and hooray for the “kumbaya” factor among the parties involved. But the author failed to explore the real story of fossil water mining that he alludes to. I have an old friend who lives in the Sulphur Springs Valley, and because of the obscene thirsts of agribusiness and the collusion of Arizona’s do-nothing guvment, his life and property were pretty much ruined after he spent his scant savings to deepen a well that went dry anyway. He now gets water trucked in. I don’t see him on that connections chart, or any of the other low-impact retirees living out their “golden years” there. As for all those multi-generation cattlemen, as far as I’m concerned, they are all part of a long line of welfare ranchers who have relied on the federal government for everything from Indian removal to predator extermination to public-land grazing to support their “way of life.” All this yak about cooperation is just BS when greedy people continue to destroy the desert.

Mike Sennett
Bellingham, Washington

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