High profile visitors

  • The band Odell Fox treated the office to a few tunes while they were traveling through Paonia, Colorado.

    Brooke Warren/High Country News

In September, we hosted “On the Wild Road,” our inaugural tour for High Country News Travel. The trip, which was co-sponsored and organized by Seven Directions Tours of Santa Fe, took a small group on a whirlwind tour to places like Yellowstone National Park, the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Denver, the Raptor Center in Wyoming, and a wild horse management center in Wyoming, with 10 percent of the proceeds going to the sanctuaries and preserves. Trip participants got to have dinner with HCN Publisher Paul Larmer, and Brian Calvert, our managing editor.

Trip photographer Jim O’Donnell described the experience: “Along the way we met with biologists, educators, wildlife sanctuary and preserve operators. … This was an opportunity to get a better handle on the challenges faced by people working to protect wildlife and to find a way to become a better wildlife activist.” See O’Donnell’s website for photos. And thanks again to everyone who participated. We hope to do another trip, so stay tuned.

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by our Paonia headquarters in October. It was a wonderfully diverse assortment. Liz and Clair Roberts, who were on their way to a National Park Service ranger get-together, have been subscribers since 1976, but this was their first tour.  Jana Milford and Rick Adcock of Boulder, Colorado, also toured the office while visiting Laurie Milford, HCN’s development director. Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet and congressional candidate Gail Schwartz took a break from the campaign trail to chat before grabbing a bite in town.

Eight students from a sculpture graduate seminar at the University of Colorado-Boulder came by to see how an issue gets made, and a group of students from the High Desert Center, an educational program that offers a residential gap-year program, visited HCN during a tour of Paonia led by our former publisher, Ed Marston. The students — some home-schooled, others recent high school graduates — came from around the country and were excited to hear about the magazine from our Writers on the Range editor, Betsy Marston.

In late October, our little office turned into a music venue, when we hosted an impromptu concert by Odell Fox, a bluegrass band from Austin, Texas. They played a few acoustic tunes for us before their Paonia performance, giving our ears a treat, as well as giving our eyes a much-needed break from our computer screens. Thanks to all our friends for stopping by!

Lastly, a correction: In the elections issue (HCN, 10/3/16) our story “Western races to watch” implied that there was a governor’s race in Colorado this year. The seat is not up for election; we regret the error.

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