Save the West, build Trump’s wall


Shame on you, HCN! You claim to “care about the West,” yet you’ve just devoted an entire issue, “Purple Rain: How Donald Trump’s Divisive Campaign Is Repainting the Political Map” (HCN, 10/3/16), to smearing the one candidate who might actually do something about the root cause of the destruction of the West’s wide-open spaces –– U.S.  overpopulation, which is driven almost exclusively by mass immigration. Overpopulation causes both the loss of open space and the overuse of what’s left. We have to choose –– we can have wide-open spaces or wide-open borders, but we can’t have both.  In 2016, we still have a choice. In 2020, it may be too late.

Maggie Willson
Shoreline, Washington

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