Ballot obstruction


Citizens’ ballot initiatives are much in the news right now, and we have used them to good effect in Arizona despite opposition from the governor and state Legislature (“Taking initiative,” HCN, 10/3/16). Unable to prevent initiatives, they have taken to making them more difficult to present. Each voter signature sheet is now limited to only 15 signatures, must have a complete copy of the initiative stapled to it at all times, and can include only the signatures of registered voters in a single county. The last petition we circulated required some 50 pages of the proposed initiative to be attached to each signature form, and the cost of printing must be borne by the persons or group circulating it.

So far, this is all the Legislature has been able to come up with to make the will of its citizens more difficult to express, but surely its members will think of more ways.

Nicholas J. Bleser
Tumacacori, Arizona

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