As goes Germany


Your special issue “Frontera Incognita” was great, but I have a bit of a bone to pick on your editorial note (“In search of a borderless West,” HCN, 9/19/16). Very properly, you take Donald Trump to task for his misguided proposals on walls and immigration. But you offer no real counter to it. I have been a left-looking Democrat all my life, but I have no sympathy for our current do-nothing policies on immigration. The planet and this U.S. portion of the planet are overpopulated. This country, no more than Germany, cannot afford to look the other way on legal and illegal immigration. It will eventually, as in Germany and the rest of Europe, bring a massive political swing to the right. The number and mindset of Trump supporters are an indication that this is already happening right before our eyes. Your call to “look beyond borders” has a beautiful, but a tad hollow, ring to it. I see no nation advertising that its borders are no longer sacrosanct and that all comers are welcome. 

Marcel Rodriguez
Springdale, Utah

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