Desert rising?


The map showing the counties in Western states that support the American Lands Council makes it look like a Mormon conspiracy to re-create the State of Deseret (“Land transfer support, county by county,” HCN, 7/25/16). Add to this House Bill 4751 (the Local Enforcement for Local Lands Act, which would shift law enforcement functions from the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service on public lands to local law enforcement),  which was recently introduced by Utah’s four Mormon representatives. Then add in Bundy family members (all Mormons of one stripe or another) who “by force of arms” want to manage or liberate public lands. What next? Legalize polygamy rather than just ignore it?

Utah was admitted to the Union in 1896. I think it is time for its Mormon politicians to start acting like they are still part of the United States of America.

Al Herring
Sutherlin, Oregon

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