High Country Blues?


Once again our subscription has come up for renewal and, as usual, it’s a difficult decision — not because of the writing, the photography or the wonderful back page. It’s because the news is so depressing, as it is where we live.

We pass our copy of High Country News on to various friends and neighbors, who enjoy it equally. But when it comes to the latest issue, it’s a little bit like going to the dentist — what’s the bad news going to be this time? 

We haven’t had mining here for a long time, and we have little water but there is a real effort to develop because of population pressure from the south, especially.

This is all to say that we can definitely relate to all the problems that you cover, but we would love a little more coverage of positive things that may be happening to keep us going. I imagine that others might feel the same way. 

Lynn Rathbun
Cambria, California

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