Guy Pence leaves Nevada

  The Forest Service has ordered Guy Pence off of the front lines in Nevada. The district ranger in Carson City has been the target of two bombings this year (HCN, 10/30/95). The agency is reassigning him to a staff position at the regional office in Boise, Idaho, out of concern for his personal safety and the safety of his family and fellow employees. Pence will take a job in fire management on the Boise National Forest, which is embarking on a program of prescribed burns to improve forest health.

Pence's boss, Toiyabe and Humboldt National Forest Supervisor Jim Nelson, says Pence is one of the best district rangers he has ever worked with, that the new position will widen his experience, and that he is on track toward a forest supervisor job. Pence says he did not request the transfer but he accepts it. "I have to think of the people around me," he says. "I would feel terrible if one of my employees were to be hurt simply because they're in my presence. Until someone is apprehended, I can't rely on the thought that they won't be doing it again."

There have been no arrests in the case, but Pence says that he still has hope that those responsible for the bombings will be caught. There is a $31,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the bombings. Anyone with information can call the FBI in Carson City at 702/882-1248 or in Reno at 702/323-7143.

* Jon Christensen

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