Bold-Face Conquer


Unite and Conquer” was a puzzling article (HCN, 3/2/15). I think the title should have had “Unite” in very small lower case and “Conquer” in large, capitalized bold face.
Your heroine comes across as an 800-pound gorilla with a typical, to me, Las Vegas attitude: Give me what I want or I’ll bury you with my money. “Nevada has very little water,” Mulroy says, “but the one thing I have is millions and millions of dollars, and I can afford to spend years in the Supreme Court fighting you all.” For those of us who live in the mountains whence the water comes, that is an all-too-familiar refrain. Las Vegas, the Colorado Front Range — pick your demon. They all think the same, as, unfortunately, your author. They decide to build a city where a city is unsustainable and then they go looking for less powerful or wealthy people who have what they want or “need” and set about scheming how to get it. Can you say “money”? That is not the approach I expected HCN to champion.
Funny how Mulroy uses the only real long-term solution as a threat: “outmigrating 40 million people.” The numbers are extreme but the principle behind them is the reality all must face at some point. The question is: Will they suck all the rest of us dry before they face it? And as for paying for the “research” through the HCN Research Fund, that is disappointing, too. You normally do much better.

Craig Current
Grand Lake, Colorado

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