New staff and fellow

  • New editorial fellow, Paige Blankenbuehler.

    Brooke Warren

We’re hard at work here at High Country News, trying to get this issue to press before Thanksgiving. But we still have time to share some gossip from our Paonia headquarters. We are delighted to announce that former intern Kate Schimel will be our new assistant editor. Kate proved herself invaluable during her internship and since then has been working as a correspondent in Seattle. We’re thrilled to have her on staff — and back in the office. She’ll join current intern, Paige Blankenbuehler, who’s staying on as the new editorial fellow. Former fellow Sarah Tory remains with us as a correspondent.

With your support, our interns and fellows go on to do some amazing work. Lisa Song, a former intern, recently worked on InsideClimate News’ investigation into what ExxonMobil knew about climate change, and when. Song, who received a Pulitzer for reporting in 2013, describes how Exxon conducted climate research in the 1970s and nevertheless worked at the forefront of climate denial.

John Herrick’s decision to take the long way home from Utah to Hopkinton, New Hampshire, brought him to our office. Once a small-town writer himself, he decided to check out the magazine after stumbling on HCN’s website while covering energy and environment in Vermont.

Michael Kodas, associate director of CU Boulder’s Center for Environmental Journalism, popped by at the end of October to check up on old colleagues, including Brian Calvert, our managing editor, who was a fellow at the center, and editorial intern Gloria Dickie, who worked there during graduate school. Michael spent the weekend enjoying local cider and working through edits on his latest book, which explores the global “megafire” crisis.

Also, a clarification: Our Oct. 26 cover story, “Clean Energy’s Dirty Secret,” stated that the California Wind Energy Association “hired a biologist,” who argued that certain wind turbines were “too big to cut birds in half.” In fact, the biologist, who has been affiliated with CalWEA, made that claim separately. We regret the confusion.

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