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You are on Indian Land: A provocative look at contemporary art

A multimedia exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona


You Are On Indian Land:
A multimedia exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona
On view with regular museum admission
Nov. 21– Feb. 15, 2016

You Are On Indian Land takes a provocative look at contemporary American Indian art and identity, demonstrating how history and heritage can blend with modernity. This exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff offers a powerful new perspective on Native culture, featuring a variety of photographs, sculptures and video installations by leading American Indian artists. Its title was inspired by the 1969-1971 occupation of Alcatraz by Native American activists, who were attempting to reclaim the California island — site of a legendary penitentiary and now managed by the National Park Service — as Native territory. The exhibit itself might be seen as a kind of symbolic reclamation of Native culture, in which indigenous artists confront North America’s contested landscape through a range of nontraditional mediums. These Native American artists are waging an old struggle on a contemporary battleground, combating stereotypes and cultural misappropriation while boldly staking claim to their own identity.