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Know the West

Blind hypocrisy


I found your story “Sea lions feast on Columbia salmon” (HCN, 8/17/15) both interesting and disturbing. That some are ready to kill these animals due to their apparent localized “over-population” is the very definition of hypocrisy. Humans have over-populated the planet since the 1960s, and our over-consumption and careless actions have put the entire planet at risk. We have fouled every corner of the Earth with our waste and destruction, endangering not only the other 10-15 million estimated species, but our very selves.
Until we start realizing that we are part of our planet’s living fabric and that we must control our own population and consumption, any attempt to “manage” nonhuman animal populations appears both dishonest and duplicitous.

Einstein stated that we cannot solve problems by using the same thinking that caused them. The humans-come-first paradigm is the cause of nearly all our environmental problems, and persecuting other species that are merely the victims of our actions and are just reacting to the predicaments we put them in, is immoral and unjust. The blind hypocrisy of humanity must be brought out from the shadows, and those of us who understand that humankind must live within the bounds set by nature, as do all other species. Otherwise, this little evolutionary experiment called Homo sapiens will extinguish itself along with many innocent species. Einstein also said that there are only two phenomena that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. Let us not prove him right.

Rick Adams
Boulder, Colorado