No ads for the average reader


After I read the news in your July 20 special recreation issue, I read all the ads. They were about one-third of the print content. What’s in the ads for me? I’m 20 years over the 55.6 median age of readers, make a little less than the median household income ($63,750), and my M.A. makes me well-educated. I own a 12-year-old SUV, camping supplies and clothes (albeit raggedy), and an abiding love of cheap adventures in the empty wild lands. These ads were mostly for the young and wealthy. They could get expensive environmental educations or travel with high-priced eco-tours to well-known and loved places (like wolf-watching at Yellowstone). The only cheap tour I found was for free day trips if I joined Unfortunately, I live in Oregon.

Diane Sward Rapaport
Burns, Oregon

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