Surprise attack


In his letter “High-Flyin’ Hypocrisy,” (HCN, 6/8/15) Robert Michael accuses Kathleen Dean Moore of hypocrisy for considering mankind’s destruction of the world because her plane uses the very fuel being produced by the horrors she observes on the ground beneath her. He might have a point, except for the fact that she never separates herself from those who are doing the harm. Careful reading of her piece reveals that she never once says “you” or “they” are at fault. She continually uses first-person plural — “we” — as she considers what is happening. It is clear to me as I read her article that she considers herself a part of the problem. I am certain that you received quite a few letters along this vein and wish that you would have chosen one that was slightly less inflammatory to print. Mr. Michael’s letter reminded me of the kind of intentionally aggressive attack that has made me steer clear of much of social media. I was a little surprised to see it printed in High Country News.

Eric Bowman
Springvale, Maine

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