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Know the West

Mule deer in decline, crude oil spills and violence against federal staffers.

Hcn.org news in brief.


In the Piceance Basin of western Colorado, mule deer populations are in decline. In the first of a High Country News video series exploring wildlife science, we learn how researchers are capturing and tracking mule deer in hopes of learning how to better conserve their numbers. 
-Dakin Henderson 

A screenshot from HCN's new wildlife science video series.
Dakin Henderson

7 MILLION gallons of crude oil spilled nationwide in the past five years

1,000 incidents of pipeline leaks and ruptures reported during that time

The May 19 oil spill from Plains All American near Santa Barbara, California, was not an isolated incident. That accident resulted in the spilling of more than 2,400 barrels of oil; tens of thousands of gallons flowed through storm drains into the Pacific Ocean.
-Jonathan Thompson

Since 1995, the nonprofit watchdog Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility has compiled annual reports of violence or intimidation that involve BLM staffers. Their 2014 report, released in June, included 15 incidents, the lowest number since 1996, but didn’t fully account for the Cliven Bundy standoff.
-Tay Wiles

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