New perspective from Edward Abbey on the river

Review of ‘The Hidden Canyon: A River Journey’ by John Blaustein

  • Running Soap Creek Rapid at Mile 11.5 in the Grand Canyon.

    John Blaustein
  • Reflecting pool carved in exfoliated Esplanade Sandstone up North Canyon.

    John Blaustein
  • A dory runs Hermit Rapid in the Grand Canyon.

    John Blaustein
  • Translucent water pours over a submerged boulder in Havasu Creek.

    John Blaustein
  • A downstream view at Mile 162 in the Grand Canyon.

    John Blaustein
  • Lightning illuminates the night sky.

    John Blaustein

The Hidden Canyon: A River Journey
John Blaustein and Edward Abbey
160 pages,
Cameron & Company, 2015.

In the late 1970s, wilderness advocate Edward Abbey and longtime river guide John Blaustein floated 277 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in small wooden dories. At the time, the Grand Canyon was best known from the rims, far above; few had braved its wild depths. First published in 1977, The Hidden Canyon: A River Journey documented the two men’s passage through Blaustein’s photographs and Abbey’s witty and lyrical journal entries, presenting a radical new view of the American treasure.

This latest edition includes dozens of additional photographs from Blaustein’s subsequent trips through the Canyon. From majestic geological vistas to fleeting glimpses of wildlife, these timeless and stunning color images catch moments that touch the heart of every river-wanderer.

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