High-flyin’ hypocrisy


In her May 11 “Writers on the Range,” Kathleen Dean Moore laments the view of the North Dakota oilfields at night from her jetliner window at 31,000 feet. And, admittedly, vistas with drilling rigs, pumpjacks and gas flares leave something to be desired, compared with vast sweeps of virgin prairie. The excellent article on Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the last issue explored this topic in depth (“Lost Frontier,” HCN, 4/27/15).

But what was giving Moore the convenience of the “red-eye to Portland,” and what was giving her that Olympian view from on high? What was keeping her from an immediate death plunge into those same oil fields? Why, it was that very same evil Earth-raping petroleum she was railing about. I don’t believe a jet engine has yet been invented that can run on organic fair-trade coffee. As we crusade on our high horses, can we at least recognize our frequent hypocrisies?

Robert Michael
Fort Collins, Colorado

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