Smog talk

  • Cartoon of car shooting exhaust


The crystal-clear skies of the sparsely populated Colorado Plateau have become increasingly muddied by power plants, mining operations, wood-burning stoves, and even automobile smog from Los Angeles. From Nov. 27 to Dec. 7, the public will have a chance to comment on five proposed solutions to the problem at meetings in eight Western states and Washington, D.C. The proposals come from the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission, whose long name describes a simple purpose: To reduce air pollution in 16 national parks, monuments and wilderness areas on the Colorado Plateau. Created by the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, the commission will affect state policies, environmental laws, and businesses across the West (HCN, 6/28/93). For more information or to submit written statements before Dec. 8, contact John Leary or Jim Souby, Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission, c/o Western Governors' Association, 600 17th St., Suite 1705 S. Tower, Denver, CO 80202-5452 (303/623-9378).

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