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No profit in Kaiparowits Mine


A company trying to open a coal mine on southern Utah's Kaiparowits Plateau had better take a second look at its numbers, concludes a recent study by the Grand Canyon Trust. The report says the high cost of trucking coal over 225 miles of roads to rail transfer sites will cost an extra $5 per ton compared to other Utah mines. Andalex Resources Inc. plans to mine 100 million to 120 million tons of coal at its Smoky Hollow mine, including coal underneath two wilderness study areas (HCN, 7/25/94). Citizens living in several towns along the proposed truck route have already protested plans to send double-trailer trucks down the roads at a rate of one every five minutes, for 40 years. The draft environmental impact statement will be available for public comment from the Bureau of Land Management in May 1996, with a final decision expected at the end of next year.

For a copy of the trust's study, Marketability of Coal from Andalex Resources' Proposed Smoky Hollow Coal Mine, contact Eric Howard at the Grand Canyon Trust, Rt. 4, Box 718, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (520/774-7488).