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Know the West

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?



Ranchers concerned about wolves killing livestock should buy a new piece of equipment - a video camera. That's the advice in Dealing with Wolves on the Ranch, a pamphlet from the Montana Stockgrowers Association that explains the legal do's and don'ts of dealing with endangered wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The advice kicks off with a polemic against the Endangered Species Act and an introduction that sounds like a preview for a thriller: "He's proud. He's polished. He's protected by the federal government. And he's here." He, of course, is "the big bad wolf," and Montana stockgrowers who shoot wolves are advised to call Animal Damage Control and protect evidence at the scene by covering slaughtered cattle with a tarp. The pamphlet also explains that wolves can only be shot within "experimental" areas where wolves were released last year, and only if they are physically harming livestock. For a copy, contact Montana Stockgrowers Association, 420 N. California St., Helena, MT 59601 (406/442-3420).