Ordinary heroes


It was refreshing to read the article "Mind Over Mountain" (HCN, 4/14/14). As one who lives with a spinal cord injury, at first I thought, "Oh no, not another hero story." There are heroes, and Jon Arnow may be one, but there are thousands who live with similar injuries and who "care about the West" and even High Country News.

Some would say that my walking is a "miracle." I am not a miracle or hero; I am a person living in the West who happens to live with an injury that the West is not particularly friendly to. So it was refreshing to see the author say clearly, without the baggage of the usual pathos, that for many disabled athletes, especially those with spinal cord injuries, "getting outside remains a tough and unglamorous endeavor." And the quote from Barry Corbet, who says, "Our conquests are as ordinary as dirt," makes Arnow's journey, well, more ordinary.

Dan Nicholson
Woodland Park, Colorado

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