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Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region


Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region
Don D. Christensen, Jerry Dickey, and Steven M. Freers,
248 pages, softcover:
Sunbelt Publications, Inc., 2013

Hiking the Grand Canyon is a journey through geologic time: The pink sedimentary layers, the limestone left by antediluvian seas, and the river-carved gorge are stunning reminders of our planet's age. But as Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region reveals, humans have also left their mark. Tribes including the Hopi, the Paiute, the Havasupai and others have occupied the area for thousands of years, during which they created a spectacular array of rock art, from abstract geometric petroglyphs to clan symbols to paintings of animals like bighorn sheep. This book, by three leading archaeologists and rock art researchers, is at once a beautifully photographed compendium of ancient art and a captivating chronicle of the early tribes that flourished in the canyon's challenging environment.