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Know the West

A job well done


I met Barrett Funka many years ago on the trails in the Bob Marshall Wilderness (“Pack-Man,” HCN, 11/10/14). Nice to see he has “made it.” I say that tongue-in-cheek, because I know what he gets paid, and that the real reward is not in a bank account, but rather in the pride in a job well done. I work for the Forest Service in Montana, and it’s nice to see some recognition for what goes on behind the scenes to keep our public land operable. The trails wouldn’t get cleared, the lookouts supplied or the biologists transported without mules and the packers that ask them to climb down the trail. Without a turnover of knowledge and skill we would lose something unique — and practical. Have a nice ride, Barrett, and keep up the good work!

Guy Zoellner
Hungry Horse, Montana