Put your trash bags where your mouth is


As an avid outdoor user, I have contributed many hours to helping the Bureau of Land Management clean up the numerous "poor man" shooting areas on lands near our community ("Guns, politics and saguaros," HCN, 12/9/13). With a crew of volunteers, we can fill a 20-foot container in a morning, only to return to fresh trash the very next day. In a month, it's hard to tell the cleanup ever occurred. I want to post signs stating: "Either clean up your own trash or pay more taxes."

I am a dirt bike rider and I partner with the BLM in an effort to enable better decisions on land use. I know our local rangers by name. The NRA needs to reduce its focus on lobbying and get its constituents out in the field helping maintain the land they bark so loud for access to. A day of raking glass shards might bring about a better choice of target the next time they go shooting.

Peter Prince
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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