Polis Is This


My wife and I both voted for the five-year moratorium on fracking in Fort Collins, Colorado, which was subsequently, disappointingly, overturned by the Colorado court system. We have watched as this issue has evolved, and we come down on the side of Jared Polis, a Democrat whose district includes Fort Collins (“Fracking politicians,” HCN, 4/18/14). The old-fashioned definition of a politician is one who is skilled in “the art of the possible,” and we think Polis fits that definition, being clearly tuned-in to what is achievable during an off-year election and beyond. 

Should the commission tasked with looking at this issue, or the Legislature, which would be tasked with implementing its recommendations, not do an adequate job of protecting the health and safety of Colorado residents, my money would be on Polis ramping up his efforts in 2016. Given the monetary power of the oil and gas industry (jobs! jobs! jobs!), this is a very serious chess game, and we have to make the right moves 100 percent of the time to achieve our goals. Polis fully grasps that, and thus has our full support.

John Thomas

Fort Collins, Colorado

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