High Country News has a new website!

A timeline of hcn.org since it launched in 1995.


For the first time in seven years, hcn.org has been comprehensively redesigned. Readers can now more easily navigate to stories, and the more visual and robust site better reflects the high-quality journalism we produce. In addition to launching a new site, we have digitized our entire archive, which is now searchable dating back to the organization’s start in 1970. To read more about how and why we changed the site, go here: hcne.ws/RedesignedSite.

Hcn.org first launched in 1995, when a group of editors drove through a blizzard from Paonia to Aspen, Colorado, to scan the pages of what was then a black-and-white newspaper and upload them to a fledgling Internet. To the left, you can see snapshots of past pages, showing the evolution (so far) of hcn.org.

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