Polite excuses


After reading Quinn Read's article "The Virtues of Old-School Car Camping" (HCN, 7/21/14), I was struck with a wonderful moment of reminiscing. It took me back to the days of family car camping in the Chiricahua Mountains in Arizona and the Rockies in Colorado. We, like Quinn, would struggle to fall asleep before Dad's snoring woke the entire mountain. Occasionally, Mom would end up sleeping in our old Suburban, claiming to be cold. I always wondered if she was using that as a polite excuse to get away from Dad!

My brother and I had amazing times as young children playing in the woods. To this day, we still talk about a rock formation in the Chiricahuas that we named "Robe-Rock," because it looked just like a robot to our young eyes. Trips like that surely engrained a love of the natural world in both my brother and myself. We are so fortunate to have had those experiences and are so thankful that our parents included that in our upbringing. Thanks for a great article, Quinn!

Jennifer Bakevich
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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