Support what you preserve


It's nice to see more land set aside for conservation and our future children and grandchildren, but this must be accompanied by federal funds to support the infrastructure ("What the president can do right now for conservation," HCN, 5/26/14). That means our dear leaders need to allocate enough money for people to monitor the parks, take care of road and trail construction and maintenance, do policing, and so on.

Without these support systems, the new federal lands become a problem.

It can happen with states, too. Here in California, the state parks are in a terrible state. Our governor and his Democratic friends would rather spend the state funds on freebies for his constituents than on conservation and parks. Many old parks are in disrepair or closed. One closed cavern in the Mojave Desert Preserve has been vandalized, and our state government could care less.

Meanwhile, name-calling by former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is not helpful or productive. Remember that people who support conservation activities are people with money, and they come from all types of political persuasions.

Richard Chambers 
Rancho Palos Verdes, California

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