Photos of Bonneville Salt Flats

  • E.J. and Ed Kowalski Racing Team.

    Peter Vincent
  • Duane Jones' '59 Cadillac, Speed Week 2003.

    Peter Vincent
  • Starting Line, Speed Week 2004.

    Peter Vincent

The Bonneville Salt Flats: Two Decades of Photography by Peter Vincent
Peter Vincent with essays by Peter de Lory, Philip Linhares, Tom Fritz and others,
272 pages, hardcover:
Stance & Speed. 2013.

"Salt fever": That's what drives thousands of people each year to gather with their hotrods, cars and motorcycles on the Utah-Nevada border, where they reach speeds of up to 458 mph on the blinding white expanses of the Bonneville Salt Flats. For the last 20 years, Peter Vincent has photographed them, creating a body of work that celebrates the salt flats' distinctive subculture and the pop iconography of American automobiles. His subjects have become like family, he says, and he himself has become a part of "the salt."

A fine art photographer who grew up around the West, Vincent is drawn to the kind of machines that "can be fixed without replacing a computer chip" and the freedom, identity and ingenuity they represent. His retro sensibilities and formal training come through in these unique images of surrealistic landscapes, fast machines and the people who love them.

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