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Know the West

Paying for conservation


Hunters and anglers have largely been footing the bill for wildlife and conservation ("Hunting for conservation dollars," HCN, 5/12/14), yet we're continually under attack by environmental and animal rights groups who have so far refused to assist in funding wildlife management (minus the rare exception of Defenders of Wildlife, which compensates ranchers for livestock killed by wolves).

For example, the Humane Society has in many places successfully eliminated cougar hunting or banned the only effective method of hunting them (using hounds). This in turn costs wildlife agencies money via cougar management. It also costs them money from lost tag fees. In some places, this has caused a decline in deer and elk numbers, which again costs the agency more money.

Less opportunity, less chance for fair probability of success, more rules equates to less participation. This means less wildlife/conservation money. Sportsmen deserve better.

Dominic Aiello
Denver, Colorado