Crazed 'patriotism'


Concerning the Sagebrush Rebellion timeline, ("The BLM vs. Cliven Bundy, HCN, 5/12/14), et tu, High Country News? "After a tense standoff between armed militiamen and federal agents ..." Somehow these bullying military-armed lawbreakers have convinced the media, including HCN, to associate them with the Second Amendment and the "well-regulated militia" delineated there. These confused and unregulated people at the Bundy ranch have nothing to do with a well-regulated militia.

The Bundys and their private army have threatened to kill federal officials, bragged about using women as targets, set up illegal and armed checkpoints on public roads, refused to pay grazing fees for decades, and used the American flag, the flag of a country they don't recognize, as a symbol of their "patriotism" to justify their crazed activities. If these "militiamen" were African-American or Native American, this would have been put down quickly and probably violently, amid great cheers by these same people. I look forward to their trials in federal court.

Judith Lee
Davenport, Iowa

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