Nevada's ugly tug-of war

October 30, 1995

A writer tours the heart of the Sagebrush Rebellion - Elko County, Nev. - and talks to people on both sides of the struggle.


Nevada’s ugly tug-of-war
A writer tours the heart of the Sagebrush Rebellion - Elko County, Nev. - and talks to people on both sides of the struggle.


'The hate in our country is reminiscent of Nazi Germany'
Forest Service District Ranger Guy Pence talks about the bombings of his office and van in Carson City.
'As long as people are breaking the law ...'
Forest Service Supervisor Jim Nelson talks about the violence that has followed his agency's crackdown on illegal grazing.
Nevada's most rebellious
Nye County Commissioner and wise-use leader Dick Carver talks about the Sagebrush Rebellion in Nevada. Nye County rancher and wise-use leader Wayne Hage offers his view of the Sagebrush Rebellion.
'All of us feel we don't have ...'
Bonnie Whalen, a ranch-raised computer supervisor who works for the Forest Service in Elko, Nev., talks about the changes in her community.


To: Mom from: Wolf 3, Somewhere in Yellowstone National Park
A humorous account of wolf reintroduction from the wolf's viewpoint.

Book Reviews

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
The Montana Stockgrowers Association releases a video called "Dealing with Wolves on the Ranch."
No profit in Kaiparowits Mine
A Grand Canyon Trust study claims that Andalex Resources' proposed Smoky Hollow Mine will be a money-loser.
Smog talk
The Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission seeks public comment on five proposals to reduce smog on the Colorado Plateau.
Water and faith
"Water, Power and Place" conference will be held Nov. 8-11.
That waving wheat is nothing but a clearcut
"Grassland" by Richard Manning is reviewed.

Photo Essay

Warriors: Navajo Code Talkers
Japanese-born photographer Kenji Kawano documents the Navajo Marines' "code talkers" of World War II in a new book.

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West
Was Jim Peacock kidnapped?, Wandering moose, California exodus slows, Montana log cabin for sale with militia included, is "Rock feature" archaeology or rocks?, Natural Bridges gets phones.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends
Larry Tuttle ends 1,872-mile walk; Karl Hess Jr. visits; other visitors; advertising; name confusion.


Navajo spoken here
Navajo Nation President Albert Hale orders Head Start programs on the reservation to begin teaching Navajo before English.
Tables turned on Catron County leader
Two government employees sued by Catron County wise-use leader Dick Manning file their own case against him for harassment and malicious prosecution.
Bad luck for New World mine
Developers of the proposed New World gold mine on the edge of Yellowstone Park are ordered by a federal judge to clean up old waste from the site before getting necessary permits.
Sleepy St. George wakes up to hate crimes
An arsonist burns a bookstore in St. George, Utah, in what the gay owners say must be a hate crime.
'Housewife from Hell' bird-dogs a cleanup
Milltown, Mont., resident Tina Reinicke-Schmaus finds her life transformed by her involvement in a Superfund project to clean up mining waste in her town.
Olympic-sized rip-off
Environmentalists claim the Snowbasin Ski Resort is using the Salt Lake City upcoming Olympics as an excuse for a landgrab of Forest Service acreage.
Logging deal struck in Southwest
Some timber cutting resumes on the Southwestern national forests where logging was halted by a recent federal injunction.
Grizzly plan sent back to drawing board
A federal court ruling may delay the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's plan to declare grizzly recovery in Yellowstone a success.
Deals and delays for Dixie
Ranchers delay a Forest Service-ordered cutback in grazing on Boulder Mountain, claiming the agency falsified data.


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