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Know the West

Two freshmen from Arizona blasted

  Dear HCN,

Two freshmen Republican members of Don Young's House Resource Committee from Arizona are working day and night to extend that committee's endangered species listing moratorium (HCN, 7/24/95). If these men had their way, they would be publishing menus for cooking the endangered Mount Graham red squirrel.

Arizona congressmen John Shadegg and J.D. Hayworth say they want to protect the public from the effects of the Endangered Species Act. Shadegg's chief aide, Myron Ebell, even trashed right-wing House Speaker Newt Gingrich for having "soft feelings for cuddly little critters." Ebell is a former D.C. lobbyist for the American Land Rights Association, a front for mining, logging and the cowboy socialism of public-land grazing.

These two politicians claim they are protecting rural jobs. Even before the spotted owl became threatened in Arizona, there were only 300 loggers and 900 millworkers here. The truth is industry has virtually exhausted mill-sized trees here, and modern one-man machines cut, trim and haul off an entire tree in seconds. While exaggerating lost logging jobs, they are oblivious to the tens of thousands of Arizonans who lost their jobs from marketplace shifts at Honeywell, America West, Samaritan Hospitals, Garrett, American Express, etc.

These "conservative" congressmen would now lay waste our environmental, air, and water protection laws, and overlog and overgraze our deserts and forests. Recreation and wildlife bring Arizona far larger economic returns. But these special-interest "conservatives' cannot comprehend marketplace economics.

Beth Lyon

Tempe, Arizona