Saving salmon

  Saving Salmon

Billy Frank, chairman of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, said it was now or never: "You going to wait until the last salmon is gone from the last spawning bed?" Frank was speaking at a ceremony in Seattle, Wash., marking the formation of For the Sake of Salmon, an organization of Northwest government, environmental, tribal, and business leaders aimed at improving habitat for endangered Northwest salmon. The group will focus on local efforts to restore salmon runs by offering technical advice and encouraging voluntary projects by private landowners to protect habitat. Paul Hoobyar, with the Pacific Rivers Council, a participating Oregon environmental group, supports the new organization's focus on grassroots programs. "It (salmon recovery) has to work through local-based groups, or it's not going to happen," he said. A $125,000 grant from the National Marine Fisheries Service set up the new organization. For information, contact For The Sake of Salmon, 45 Southeast 82nd Dr., Suite 100, Gladstone, OR 97027 (503/650-5400).

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