The exhaustion of a metaphor

  • Richard Rodriguez


Skinheads in the Northwest, migrants pouring into California, 1,000 American factories just over the border in Mexico, coffee vendors in Seattle: Are these images of the Western frontier? Journalist Richard Rodriguez says they are, and they're replacing the old idea of a land without limits. He will consider this transformation in a talk Oct. 26 titled Gone West: The Exhaustion of an American Metaphor, the annual distinguished lecture of the Center of the American West. The center also highlights Rodriguez in its new 16-page newsletter, Western Voices. In the first issue, writers reflect on everything from erosion of Utah wilderness to the little-known story of the African American, Charlotte Brown. She won a lawsuit against a San Francisco streetcar company's whites-only policy in 1863 - almost 100 years before Rosa Parks' famous act of defiance. For more information about the upcoming lecture at the Denver Public Library, or for a copy of Western Voices, contact the Center of the American West, University of Colorado, Campus Box 234, Boulder, CO 80309 (303/492-4879).

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